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Whitney & Elvin's couples photoshoot in Barcelona was as hilarious as these two are themselves. It was down-to-earth and fun, filled with some good ol' booty-shakin', salsa dancing, and piggy back rides surrounded by the insane beauty of the Montjuïc Cacti Park. ( It's Cacti heaven people!!!!) After snorting more times than I would have liked to and laughing over the hilarious & beautiful connection these two have, it's safe to say it was an absolute joy it was be their Barcelona Couples Photographer for the afternoon!

Now let's get into the juicy stuff!!! Do I dare try to do Whitney and Elvin's love story justice in one little blog post?! It is an entire novel in itself well worth the read, but I'll safe all the teeny-tiny details for when Whitney writes it herself. But here's the beautiful, wild gist:

Barcelona Spain Couples Photography

Barcelona Couples Photoshoot - The Love Story

Whitney, a French-Ivorian, was interning for a spiritual travel company on the foothills of the Himalayas of India. At the same time, Elvin, a Uruguayan who grew up in the USA was traveling around India, spending time in Dharamsala at the same time.

Travelers in the area often go to cafes to meet with the backpacking community. In Dharamsala, that place was "Cookie Walla"- a place you could go to soak up joy, create art, and drink mango lassis and chai. It was especially great for Elvin because of it's music scene (considering he's an insanely talented musican).

One night, Whitney was there with a friend who knew the crowd. Whitney's friend introduced her Elvin, who did a double-take the second he was introduced to Whitney. ;)

Little did they know their great love story would start then and there. 

Barcelona Spain Couples Photoshoot

The Love Story behind a Barcelona Couples Photoshoot

They met up a couple more times in India, strolling through the streets together, and Whitney turning eating desserts into silly little competitions. (Anyone who knows Whitney knows she can turn anything into a competiton!!)

But because they were travelers, they knew they would soon be headed separate ways, so they cherished the little time they spent together and left to continue their journeys.

Couples Photoshoot in Barcelona Spain

The Love Story behind a Barcelona Couples Photoshoot

Several months went by. Whitney moved to Paris. Neither of them had any contact with the other since India, but Whitney kept the memory of Elvin tucked in her heart, grateful for the time she spent with him.

But then something wild happened. One day while she was reading a book, she was prompted to take a few minutes to consciously send love to someone. Elvin immediately popped up in her mind, so she spent the next minutes sending him love from the other side of the world. After she finished, she put down the book and headed back into her room to check her phone.

She had one unread message...

It was Elvin.

Adventurous Couples Photoshoot in Barcelona

The Love Story behind a Barcelona Couples Photoshoot

He was planning a trip to Paris to visit his brother and was hoping to catch up with her. (Can I just say: Apart from the craziness from immediately recieving a message from Elvin after Whitney taking a few minutes to quietly send him love, what were the odds of his brother living in Paris, too?!) Soon after, they met again in the city of love. It felt like they had known each other forever, time melted away the way it does when things just make sense as they walked together through the beautiful Parisian streets.

Fun Couples Photoshoot in Montjuïc Barcelona

The Love Story behind a Barcelona Couples Photoshoot

After a few years of long-distance later, hopping between Paris, Detroit, and Chicago, these two have traveled the world to be with each other.

They now live with each other in their cozy Barcelona apartment, as adorable and loved-up as ever. :')

Barcelona Spain Couples Photographer - Montjuïc

Celebrate your love with a photoshoot in Barcelona - Barcelona Couples Photographer

Barcelona is filled with beauty, vibrancy, joy, and excitement nestled between the mountains and the sea, creating a location with an incredible balance between city and nature. It's a vibrant place to celebrate your anniversary, holidays, honeymoon, or engagement.

A little word about holiday photography, if I may: I always recommend making the most of your vacation by hiring a photographer for an afternoon to capture all of the fun you're having adventuring around a new part of the world! Because let's face it, as much as I would love my boyfriend to be able to take a decent photo of me, I am starting to think it's physically impossible... And Instagram is telling me I'm not the only one. (Cue the 100s of photos my bf has taken of me with quadruple chins, lookin' like a sad little potato in the worst lighting, meanwhile, he looks like a model...) Sometimes we gotta hire out the job for a professional to remind us yeahhh we cute

Fun Photoshoot in Montjuïc Cactus Park, Barcelona

Couples photoshoot locations in Barcelona

Because Barcelona has a vast variety of locations you can choose from, the photoshoot options (and adventures) are endless. You could opt for:

And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

For Whitney and Elvin's couple photoshoot in Barcelona, we opted for a place near and dear to their hearts, the Montjuïc Cacti Park. While searching for a photoshoot location, I always ask my couples one question: Is there anywhere especially meaningful to you two as a couple?  Since this is a place in their neighborhood they love to visit regularly, it was the perfect place.

But don't take it from me... Keep scrolling to see the rest of Whitney and Elvin's photoshoot.

Montjuïc Cacti Park - Couples Photographer Barcelona - Johanna Patton Photography
Engagement photoshoot Montjuïc Cacti Park - Barcelona couples photographer
Couples Photoshoot - Montjuïc Cacti Park
Couples photographer Barcelona - Montjuïc Cacti Park
Montjuïc Cacti Park - Barcelona Spain - Engagement photoshoot
Gardens of Mossèn Costa i Llobera - Barcelona Spain - Couples Photoshoot
Gardens of Mossèn Costa i Llobera - Fun engagement session - Johanna Patton Photography
barcelona spain couples photoshoot - Gardens of Mossèn Costa i Llobera
cactus garden barcelona - couples photography session - johanna patton photography
Fun barcelona couples photoshoot - Montjuïc Cacti Park
Fun engagement photoshoot in Montjuïc Cacti Park - Barcelona couples photographer
Fun Couples Session in Barcelona, Spain - Couples photographer Barcelona
Parc Ciutadella couples photoshoot - barcelona spain
Montjuïc Barcelona - Couples Photoshoot
Cactus Garden Montjuïc - Couples Engagement Session
Montjuïc - Couples Photoshoot - Barcelona Spain
Couples Engagement Photoshoot - Montjuïc Barcelona
Couples Photographer Barcelona - Engagement session in Montjuïc
Couples photographer Barcelona - Montjuïc Cacti Park

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