Freiburg, Germany Wedding Photographer - A Black Forest Winter Wedding

This intimate winter wedding in Freiburg was not only special because of warm-hearted people Bre and Neno are, but also because of the special circumstances that lead them to get married in Germany.

During their engagement, they made a promise to themselves get married before 2021 came to an end. I'm not sure, however, whether they realized they would be living on the other side of the world by then! After 13 years as a happy couple together in Canada, (woohoo! THIRTEEN YEARS!) they had an opportunity to move halfway across the world, leading them to tie the knot in Freiburg's historical town hall.

It was such a unique and intimate day which embraced all the little aspects of their relationship that makes them "Breno", such as starting off their the day with wedding pancakes, being surrounded by their fur babies, and several delicious cups of coffee to start their early morning.

The day unraveled into a ceremony with a handful of their friends (who were the source of many heartfelt hugs), being showered in rose petals, a 9am shot of vodka, and the rest of the day to adventure to one of their favorite places close to town- an area in the Black Forest that was sure to be a winter wonderland!

"Johanna was awesome! As an English speaker in Germany, she was so comforting to have during my and my wife’s wedding. We were very last minute in our planning and she swooped in and saved the day being super accommodating. 06:00 start time was no problem either " wonderful person who excels at making you feel comfortable and natural." -Neno

"The day wouldn't have been the same without (her)" - Bre

Make your Intimate Wedding an Adventure

Bre and Neno mentioned they were "Canadians who dislike the cold and love the snow" and because they were having a small-scale wedding, we could RUN with this idea! Since the focus wasn't on the logistics of planning and hosting a party, it freed up lots of wiggle room for us to go, see, and do the things they loved most... Going outdoors and spending time soaking up the beauty of the snow-covered black forest!

So when planning your own wedding, ask yourself these simple yet mighty questions to help you decide a meaningful place to adventure to.

Where & when do you and your partner feel happiest? Is it by the sea, in the mountains, or your own backyard? Under the sun, in the snow, surrounded by blooming flowers, or red and orange colored trees?

What is something you've always wanted to do? Maybe host a brass band parade in the streets of New Orleans, ride camels in the Sahara desert, go to your dream national park, or go on a boat tour in Lake Como?

What's something love doing on a regular basis? Maybe you love taking a morning walk around your neighborhood together with your fur babies to your favorite coffee shop. Do you love spending time hiking together, sitting next to the sea, or dancing in the kitchen? These are all aspects you can weave into your day.

What is most important to you? Is it seeing all of your extended family? Or maybe you're itching to spend the first day with your spouse-to-be going on an epic dventure? A mixture between close friends and a beautiful location? This answer will determine what type of wedding suits you best!

Which traditions mean something to you? Don't forget this day is entirely yours, so keep the traditions that mean something to you, create new ones together, and ditch the rest! If you want to spend the morning with your fiancée making your favorite breakfast together like Bre and Neno did, i'm sure you'll never make pancakes again without a big ol' smile on your face. ;)

As for now, keep on scrolling to enjoy Bre and Neven's beautiful wedding day in the snow!

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