Venice, Italy Couples Photographer - Photoshoot in Piazza San Marco

Do you ever get home from a vacation just to realize you didn't get any cute pictures of you and your honey together?

Somehow even in the most beautiful places, the random stranger you asked to take a photo of you turned out blurry, dark, and made you look like a potato?

Oh honey. We've all been there.

Luckily Camilla and Lorenzo didn't make that mistake when they went to Venice, Italy for their mini vacation. We met in Piazza San Marco for a photoshoot with a setting sun welcoming us and the sound of romantic music filling the warm, summer air. It was such a joy to be their Venice Couples Photographer for the evening!

Venice Couples Photography

There's something special about Venice- it brings out a warmth and joy in strangers that makes you walk around with a big fat smile on your face. As I walk through the small weathered streets I can't help but looking at the cute humans of all different shapes and sizes from all different countries passing by. I can't help but get giddy over their awe and excitement. It's the kind of beauty that makes strangers dance in plazas and lovers sing romantic songs on goldolas (for real.) It's romantic. It's dreamy. The mood of looooooove is so thick I could nearly slice it with a knife.

I know not all of us can hop on a plane and go to Venice atm, but I highly recommend getting in touch with a photographer ( aka yours truly ;) ) next time you're on vacation to make the most out of beautiful setting you're in! Not only is it a fun way to experience the place, but you'll leave knowing you've commemorated your time there with beautiful, loved-up photos in a beautiful location!

Visiting Venice, Italy

Venice has been built on 118 islands, and there's an additional few islands nearby easily accessible by boat. One of these islands includes Murano, an island known globally for its world-renowned glass-making. The other island nearby, Burano, is well known because of it's bright, rainbow-colored painted homes and lace making. When you visit be sure to stop in these two places for a day (or the afternoon) and enjoy the boat ride, walking through the old streeets. You'll also get a kick out of the famous Libreria Acqua Alta which famously keeps their books in boats and bathtubs inside the bookstore due to the bookstore's constant state of flooding. What else?! Be be sure to take time to just aimlessly wander around these towns. It's the best way to find the quiet spaces with local cafes, cute vintage shops, and beautiful garllery spaces (and don't forget to try a 3 euro aperol spritz!)

Your romantic getaway is waiting for you! As for now, I hope you enjoy the photos of Camilla and Lorenzo in dreamy Venezia!

"Meeting Johanna was a stroke of luck. She is a super helpful and kind girl. We had so much fun and you can see perfectly well that she puts her heart into what she does. Thanks to her we returned back home after our holiday with a beautiful memories of Venice and especially wonderful photos. Super recommended experience!"

- Camilla + Lorenzo

Venice, Italy - Saint Marks Square - Johanna Patton Photography