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Heidelberg Couples Photographer - Down-To-Earth Wedding Photography in Heidelberg by Johanna Patton

lemme take a guess...

⚡ You're genuine, quirky, and down-to-earth, craving photos that truly *feel like you* and celebrate who you are?

⚡ You would appreciate a photographer who makes you feel comfortable above all else? :')

⚡ You're excited to get your toesies in the sand & embrace adventure?

⚡ Your wedding goals include marrying your best friend, creating a day that feels less like a day-long production and more like a day-long party, filled with intentionality & joy?

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Love of all kinds




(Engagement, Proposals, Vow Renewals, Just 'Cause!)


& Conscious Brands

i'm located in:

I'm Offenburg, Germany / Strasbourg, France and Milan, Italy based but travel all over Europe to document your love!

Having 20+ countries under my belt, you can count on me to get from point A to point B with no problem... Even if that's on the other side of the world

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Hi, Lovebird

I'm Johanna

Mexican-American livin' between Germany and Italy photographing couples and conscious brands making a positive difference in the world. I'm probably shaking my booty to mexican music while dancing around the house right now. Will definitely hug you. Friends would descibe me as "passionate", "dreamer" and "needs to stop buying houseplants." Wishes I had a dog. Could probably make friends with a rock. Just a gal squeezin' in as much joy, adventure, & intentionality into life as possible.

Love Letter

"Johanna is such a kind hearted and talented person. The warmth of her heart can be observed from the photos. They are so amazing and they turned out to be way better than expected. She has an amazing eye as a photographer and is also very skilled in editing the photos. I don't know how to thank you, these are the best photos we've ever had! This is a lifetime experience and recommended for everyone!"

agah & duygu
strasbourg, FRANCE