Thailand was the first long-term stay of my 6 month trip across Asia where I worked as a photographer for fair trade organizations. I learned about the significance of buying fair trade and ethical tourism practices during my 6-week stay in the country. One of the places I stayed was the Kayan Village in Northern Thailand, where Burmese refugees live and essentially have no option to leave due to the Thai government who restricts them. Despite their situation, the people of the village are unbelievably kind and welcomed me to stay with them for several nights where, although having no knowledge of their language, I was welcomed with love and hospitality. They taught me to weave, showed me the process of jewelry making, and all-together pushed me to understand how I show up in the world. My thoughts were being challenged so much, I felt the layers of my identity being stripped away from me in the best way possible- I was relearning, living, and was challenged to think thoughts I had never had before. Additionally I've found a beautiful video created by the Matador Network where they interview sweet Mu Tae, which I got the chance of getting to know and photographing during my stay at the Huay Pu Keng Kayan Village. As I watched, I saw my hosts and other loving faces I met while I was there.

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Learn more about the kayan hill tribe here:

Video filmed and produced by the Matador Network