Giorgia and Gabriele are celebrating 5 years together, which called for a fun-filled Italian anniversary session adventuring around Santa Caterina, Lago Maggiore together! It was such a joy to celebrate their anniversary as their Italian Couples Photographer, laughing too loud and oohing + ahhing over the breathtaking views Lago Maggiore has to offer.


This place was especially important, since Giorgia’s grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary here. I mean seriously, how sweet?


We spent the afternoon on the lake, smelling the sweet honeysuckle, admiring the swaying palm trees, the bright pink flowers, and pinching ourselves saying "oh my god, can you believe how beautiful this place is?!"


Couples Shoot in Lago Maggiore, Italy




Anniversary photos are such a special way to celebrate how you two have grown, reflect on the hilarious and fun adventures you had throughout the years, where you were at in your lives, how your relationship has changed, and a great excuse to have an epic date-night.


So If you’re looking for a sign to hire a photographer and celebrate with anniversary photos, this is it! Oftentimes we don’t think about documenting how we’ve grown together with our sweetheart, but being intentional about couples photos is more precious than you might think.

DESTINATION couples photography ITALY

What I love about documenting couples in Italy is that it’s densely populated with beauty. Whether you’re wanting to propose in the magical streets of Venice, have a full-blown day of joy cruising through Amalfi Coast, elope in the Dolomites, or have a dreamy bohemian wedding ceremony in the rolling hills of Tuscany... Italy has got something for everyone.


For Giorgia + Gabriele, we went for the beloved Lago Maggiore where there the landscape was a dreamy mixture between island landscapes and ancient Italian architecture.

We laughed.

We sweated.

We may or may not have been shushed by a nun walking by (oops!)

Overall, we made the sweetest memories on a sunny Italian summer day. 

Johanna Patton is a intimate destination elopement photographer based in Freiburg, Germany and spends her summers in Varese, Italy. She loves serving kind-hearted, quirky lovers from around the world and is passionate about human connection, travel, sustainability, and dancing around her apartment to Mexican kumbia. Ready for your own adventure? Say hello here!