Ethical Brand Photography

I believe that our world can be turned around by mindfulness- Including which brands we decide to support. One of the most special experiences of my life has been to travel to Thailand and work as a photographer for a fair trade company. They invited me to stay in their homes at the Kayan village where these Burmese refugees currently reside. They gave me kindness, love, and welcomed me into taking a look at what they do best- creating. They made brass jewelery where I was able to see every step of the ring-making process, as well as take part in watching the women weave beautiful scarves and yoga straps.

Refugee artisan making brass jewelry in outdoor workshop
Longneck woman artisan weaves on her front porch in northern Thailand
Longneck refugee woman plays guitar outside of bamboo house
Longneck woman artisan weaves for fair trade organization
Longneck woman with golden rings around her neck threads needle
Hands of a man who shapes brass jewelry
Burmese refugee living in Thailand works outdoors on jewlery making
Outdoor workshop in northern thailand for brass jewlery making
Burmese longneck woman with rings around her neck wears traditional Myanmar clothing
Refugees from Myanmar wearing traditional clothing laugh and sew together
Hands of artisan in Thailand wearing traditional chunky silver bracelets and sew
Traditionally clothed longneck woman of Myanmar works on sewing project
Traditionally clothed burmese woman in Longneck village measures thread with feet
Traditional weaving technique used by kayan woman in northern thailand
Close up of woman artisan weaving wearing traditional burmese clothing
Longneck child living in Kayan Village showing peace sign
Woman refugee sews outdoors with colored thread around her
Smiling artisans smile outdoors together while sewing for fair trade company