Breathtaking view of Venice from Rialto Bridge
Solo female traveler watching sunrise from pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar with hot air balloons in the distance
Man bathing himself next to a boat in the Ganga River, Varanasi India
Solo female traveler and documentary photographer Johanna Patton swims in the sea during sunset
Johanna Patton photographs indian family in Jodhpur India as they wave to her
Poverty stricken children empower themselves through selling flowers outside of a pagoda at sunset in Bago, Myanmar
Johanna Patton photographs farmers during a hike to Inle Lake in Myanmar, the female farmer tills the land for new crops
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Women empowerment in India as women carry mounts of clothing and wash clothes by hand while wearing beautiful sarees
Child sits outdoors in Myanmar on front porch waiting for breakfast
Old woman in glasses sits in her room photographed by documentary photographer Johanna Patton
Woman artisan creates textiles for sustainability project in Thailand photographed by Johanna Patton
Burmese woman wears thanaka in Thabarwa Meditation Center photographed by Johanna Patton
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welcome to the world of a solo female backpacker

Here are some snippets of the 20+ countries I've traveled to in the last couple of years! They vary from the moments I've spent in meditation centers in Myanmar, views of Venice, watching the sunrise on top of a pagoda in Bagan, and daily sights across India.