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strasbourg wedding & elopement photography

Woohoo, you're getting hitched! Between the double-chinny laughs, happy tears, and "holy moly we're actually getting married" feels, I'll be right there in your corner, documenting your dreamy wedding day in Strasbourg unfold.

Let me take a wild guess...

⚡You're genuine, quirky, and down-to-earth couple craving photos that truly *feel like you* and celebrate who you are?

⚡ You would appreciate a photographer who makes you feel comfortable above all else?

⚡ You're excited to embrace adventure in Strasbourg, France?

⚡ Your wedding goals include marrying your best friend, creating a day that feels less like a day-long production and more like a day-long party?

Nodding your head saying "yes yes yes!" to all of this?

If so, we might just be the perfect fit :)

Strasbourg Wedding Photographer - Petit France Photoshoot in Strasbourg
Strasbourg Wedding Photographer - Engagement Photography in Strasbourg France
Strasbourg Engagement Photographer - Engagement Photoshoot in Strasbourg France

Johanna Patton is a Strasbourg Wedding Photographer, specializing in making you feel as easy-breezy, comfortable, and loved up as possible on your wedding day (or couples shoot!)