about JZD:

"A lifestyle brand that builds community and celebrates cultura every day. We exist to empower you and remind you that your ancestors are always cheering you on! JZD started in 2016 because we felt like we needed a reminder of our power. Our first successful product is the now iconic Pink Latina Power Tee. When that tee blew up we realized that so many of you felt the same same way. At that moment we decided to focus on creating products that made us feel represented and connected to our roots. We’ve grown and changed but at the core this brand is still on a mission to tell not only our story, but yours too."

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about kaushalam creations:

A studio of hand-painted and handmade products. "The studio Kaushalam (is a) step towards keeping the Indian art traditions alive! (Our mission is to) save the dying art forms and support artisans."

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about conrado:

"Angela works on all the patterns and chooses to use deadstock fabric that she searches for during her travels. Conrado styles are all limited in quantity due to the use of deadstock fabric. Conrado pieces are produced in the Philippines in her mother's small family-ran factory. Angela constantly travels to work closely with skilled seamstresses and pattern makers. A close relationship with our artisans makes the superior quality of Conrado."

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about urban native era:

"Based in Los Angeles, our daily operations proritize a better life for Indigenous people around the world. We seek out spaces where Indigenous people are not traditonally seen, we vanue the earth, we use the most sustianable practices that we can afford, and we create a colelctive community where people can come together as one - all while creating fashionable clothing for everyone to wear."

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about miha:

"Miha explores and celebrates the crossroads between modern Mexican design and Oaxaca’s rich artisanal traditions. We work with emerging independent designers and directly with Oaxacan artisans to produce, seek out, and share beautiful, functional goods that are made using ethical production practices. The result is a curated conscious marketplace of clothing, accessories and home goods. Miha seeks to use commerce and storytelling to bridge borders and increase cross-cultural understanding and respect. "

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about phenomenal:

"'[Phenomenal] was never supposed to be much of anything. It was a very small idea that came out of the 2016 election. As somebody who was involved in politics and who was civically engaged, I woke up after election night thinking I was celebrating our first female president, and something much different happened. The next day, I woke up with a fighting spirit. There was such a focus during the election on women. The headlines were, "Are women going to show up?" And people were talking about the Women's March. That was something that I thought could be my contribution. I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit and creativity in me, but it took this moment to really unlock that. But because I was on such a traditional path, I lacked the confidence to take the leap and call myself an entrepreneur… In some ways, it was to give myself that confidence.....'

In the three and half years since Harris left her corporate tech lawyer background to become a full-time entrepreneur, Phenomenal has become much more than a T-shirt company. The brand partners with organizations and uses its messaging to create community engagement around Equal Pay Day and other major issues like voting, sexual assault, immigration, and female empowerment. And it’s been incredibly successful. “Phenomenally Indigenous,” “Phenomenally Black,” and “Phenomenally Asian” are just a handful of the brand’s equally successful offshoots."

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about AOC:

"During the 2016 presidential election, Alexandria worked as a volunteer organizer for Bernie Sanders in the South Bronx, expanding her skills in electoral organizing and activism.

Shortly thereafter, she was inspired by demonstrations being led by indigenous communities at Standing Rock, South Dakota in opposition to a new pipeline. She decided to travel across the country to join them, and left the experience resolved to dedicate her life to public service. A few months later, she launched her first campaign for Congress. 

“The campaign was a long shot from the start. ‘Everyone said, ‘She’s really cute, but maybe next time,’’ Ocasio-Cortez recalls. Crowley, the fourth-ranking House Democrat, was a prolific fundraiser who had been in Congress since 1999. Her campaign was mostly volunteers. Staffers wrote their job titles on Post-it notes above their desks in their small Queens office. Ever the activist, her campaign had an informal, flexible structure resembling “leaderless” social movements like the one she saw at Standing Rock.” – Time magazine, March 21,2019

In June 2018, Alexandria’s campaign shocked the political establishment, when she defeated incumbent Joe Crowley. Her campaign was driven entirely by grassroots volunteers and donations. The Congresswoman refused to take any contributions from corporations, a practice she continues to this day."

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about CANO:

"The conventional fashion industry uses up a lot of the world‘s resources. As as result, one of our major goals at CANO is to take more responsibility in protecting our environment. That’s why we strive to create Mexican craftsmanship products that are non-polluting and sustainably sourced.

We love traditional craftsmanship and value the unique skills behind CANO's handcrafted products. We want to give the artisans the credit they deserve by paying fair wages, ensuring a professional work environment and improving their living standards.

All CANO products tell their own story: where they come from, what they are made of, and who made them. For us, transparency means showing honest information about the making of your favorite CANO products, and sharing our efforts towards fair and sustainable manufacturing."

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