What is an elopement?

No, you don't have to run away to Vegas!

You might read 'elopement' and immediately be thinking "you mean a secret wedding where you run away to get hitched by an Elivis impersonator in Vegas?!?" I'm not saying that's *not* a thing and I honestly kind of really love that if it's your vibe ;) but these days the meaning of an elopements carry a different meaning. An elopement is a intimate wedding with maximum of 15 other guests celebrating their love in a non-traditional, beautiful way, whatever that looks like to you!

Why elope?

Here's why couples are raving about elopements:

Maybe throwing a big party for a couple hundred people isn't really your jam? On average, the minimum cost of a wedding is around 10-15k. From florals, venues, seating, center-pieces, and feeding a small army of people and so on, anyone who has planned a wedding before know how quickly costs add up! Instead of using this money on a big reception, you'll never guess what they're using this money for.... *drumroll please* TRAVELING THE WORLD (and get hitched) wherever the heck they want!

Picture this: saying your vows overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, in the Sahara desert, or the ancient streets of Venice. Eloping can give you intimate experience with a handful of people you love most in some of the most beautiful places in the globe.

Additionally you may have experienced pushing back your big wedding day over and over again because of the pandemic! Elopements a much more pandemic- friendly option so you can get married now and then celebrate later with a reception! Whatever your reason is, there is so much flexibility between budget, location, and so much more!

Also something I HAVE to share with you you're not gonna believe: a lovely couple (and precious clients) are coming all the way from the USA to Lake Como, Italy next year to get married on the lake. Guess what else?! They'll be spending 21 days roadtripping around Italy afterwards! Yeah, I know. If that's not the most epic way to start a lifetime together, I don't know what is. ;)

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A Venice, Italy Elopement



Warm golden light, gondolas passing through canals, weathered walls, romantic music breezing through the air, strangers dancing in the street... And these two cuties celebrating the first day of the rest of their life together! Geraldine & Lorenzo's dreamy Venice Elopement was pure magic.


They spent the morning in the beautiful Cima Rosa, the dreamiest boutique bed & breakfast you ever did see. I always recommend choosing a place with character, it gives just that much more character to your day (and photos!) Geraldine's modern and elegant dress is a Ariel Spose work of art and makes me wish it was socially acceptable for me to wear bridal dress everyday. And for the rest? Take a look yourself! Here's a look into their magical day. :)


Additional Vendors:


Hair and Makeup


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