Nuremberg Altstadt Couples Photoshoot

A keepsake phototoshoot in nuremberg, germany

Whether you've moved to Nuremberg, Germany for love, a job, or are just passing through, I'm here to encourage you that every season of your life deserves to get celebrated - not just engagements or weddings! Moving to a new country with your partner is huge - Trust me, I'm in the same boat! So when Ellie and James decided to celebrate their life in Nuremberg coming to a close, I was overjoyed to be their Nuremberg Couples Photographer.

As a someone who has moved to Germany for love and wanderlust, I could write a novel about all the experiences I've shared with my German-Italian boyfriend navigating a new country together. Any person who has moved to a new country knows what this experience is like- It's exciting, confusing, lonely, soul-stirring, and so much more.

I soaked up every moment listening to the differences between life in Australia and Germany that Ellie and James had to share. Between stories of the life they created in Nuremberg pursuing their musical careers, and the hilarious stories they've collected along the way (like living in a castle!), it was such a delight to meet such kind-hearted, down-to-earth humans. To make the photoshoot extra fun, Ellie and James even decided to bring their Tracht (traditional German clothing). As James said, "How often are we going to dress in traditional Franconian lederhosen and dirndl in Franconia?!"

So, if we celebrate all the big moments in life, why would moving across the world to start a new life be excluded? A keepsakes session is just that - a fun afternoon together to celebrate your life abroad. It's spending an afternoon together leisurley walking the cobblestone streets, visiting your favorite cafes, taking photos in all the places you and your partner visited and became your home.

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