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Couples Photoshoot in Strasbourg's Botanical Garden

I love the days I can hop on a quick 30 minute train to this charming city. But I gotta be real, after a day walking around in the city, I always, always ache for the calmness of nature. That's why I loved during Anh and David's Strasbourg Couples Photoshoot, they brought me to their favorite oasis in the middle of the city - Strasbourg's Botanical Garden! It was a bloomin' delight to spend time exploring the botanical garden with them with a camera in hand as their Strasbourg Couples Photographer for the day :)

I can't recommend visiting this lush oasis enough. Whether you're popping into the city for a quick visit or you live here, it's a lovely little area that will fill your nature cup right back up. It's completely free to the public and a quick minute walk away from the tram stop.

Anyhow, back to the photoshoot! Anh mentioned she was normally pretty camera shy (and that she had to lovingly talk david into taking pictures) so I wanted to take a moment to share a few tips to help you get adorable, loved-up, joyful photos of you and your partner together even if you have no experience at all in front of a camera!

Tips for your couples photoshoot:

There's a couple of questions that might be going through your head that I'd love to address... What happens if you or your partner are camera-shy? What do we wear? How can we create photos that feel like us?

You do not... I repeat, you do not need experience in front of the camera to get beautiful, fun, & joyful photos! In fact, most of the couples I've worked with have never had a couples session done before. It's my job to make you feel easy-breezy in front of the camera, so leave it up to me to bring the fun prompts, beautiful composition, and the energy!

But photoshoots are beautiful in the way that we work togther to make something beautiful. Whether you're scratching your head wondering how you can get your camera-shy partner comfortable in front of the camera, clueless about to wear, or how to get more authentic imagery all boils down to one thing - being comfortable. With that being said, here are a couple of tips that will help you and your partner feel as comfortable as possible to get the authentic, playful, photos you're looking for!

Couples Photoshoot Tip #1:

Clothing. Wear clothes that you feel good in! The goal of your photoshoot is to lean into makes *you, you* - That also goes for your partner. You'll feel that much more comfortable when you go into the photoshoot knowing you still look and feel like yourself. For example: does your partner have an old pair of chucks they would never leave the house without? Wear those! The point a couples photoshoot is to lean into your personalities and highlight who you are- clothing and all.

After booking, clients always recieve a 25 page styling guide that highlights all the ways you can bring your personalities into your clothing (with a mixture of tips on what to stay away from and what to photographs best on camera!)

Couples Photoshoot Tip #2

Location. Something I always ask couples is if there's a place that means something to them. Because Anh and David spent lots of time wandering around the botanical gardens together (and because David spends tons of time for school) it was the perfect place for them. Is there a place that's especially important to you both?

For example, my partner and I always ride our bikes to the lake and river after work with some games, a volleyball, and spend some time playing in the water. The next time we're booking a session, I'm planning for a photographer to capture us doing all those beautiful, simple things like playing games next to the lake and on our little bikerides - because those scenarios feel really honest to who we are!

Couples Photoshoot Tip #3

Props. Instead of the cheesey, old-school props like plastic candy canes and old picture frames, I want to challenge you to think about props in a different, more authentic way. Are you a guitar player? Do you bike around with your partner every weekend? Do you go on a weekly picnic next to the river on the weekends? Guitars, bikes, a picnic basket filled with yummy treats are all props and super-fun ways to add extra dimension and meaning into your photos. By doing what you love, the photos will feel *even more* like you :)

Couples Photoshoot Tip #4

Find a photographer you love! At the end of the day, the energy should be right. You can find photographer by looking at their work, checking out their reviews, and having a zoom call!

I hope that helps you feel more confident walking into your next photoshoot, lovebird! But for now, let's take a sneak peek into Anh and David's fun couples photoshoot!

Strasbourg Photographer - Botanical Garden Couples Photoshoot
Couples Photography Strasbourg - Alsace Photographer
Best Photographer in Strasbourg - Anniversary Photoshoot in Strasbourg Botanical Gardens
Strasbourg Photographer Johanna Patton - Fun anniversary photoshoot in botanical gardens
Strasbourg Couples Photographer Johanna Patton - Fun anniversary photoshoot in Botanical Gardens of Strasbourg
Best Europe Couples Photographer - Johanna Patton
Best Europe Couples Photographer - Johanna Patton Photography
Strasbourg Photographer - Anniversary photoshoot in Botanical Gardens of Strasbourg - Johanna Patton Photography
Strasbourg Botanical Garden Photoshoot - Strasbourg Photographer
Strasbourg Botanical Garden Photoshoot - Strasbourg Photographer
Strasbourg Botanical Garden Photoshoot - Strasbourg Photographer
Strasbourg Botanical Garden Photoshoot - Strasbourg Photographer
Strasbourg Botanical Garden Photoshoot - Strasbourg Photographer
Strasbourg Botanical Garden Photoshoot - Strasbourg Photographer
Strasbourg Botanical Garden Photoshoot - Strasbourg Photographer
Strasbourg Botanical Garden Photoshoot - Strasbourg Photographer - Johanna Patton

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